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About Micromedia Studios


I started Micromedia Studios in 2002 to focus on web development and  multimedia video production. The company has evolved to focus on mobile app development, primarily for iOS and Android devices.


Currently I am under contract with Alpha Software, Inc. of Burlington MA, in the role of VP of Mobile Development. My focus at Alpha is on developing hybrid tools using PhoneGap and the development of native PhoneGap plugins that can enhance Alpha Anywhere, a RMAD (Rapid Mobile Application Development)  platform.


My professional interests also include computer graphics and simulation, CAD and 3D modeling, databases, real time control systems and iOT. I'm currently doing some cool experimental work with motion control and VR. Keep an eye on VR Motion Labs. 


My background includes 20 years of experience as the founder and lead developer for Digital Control Systems, Inc., one of the first AutoCAD resellers worldwide.


Over the years I've developed / co-developed numerous successful AutoCAD enhancement products including Concurrent PLOT, II, Concurrent PLOT, IIe and VideoVelocity.


Concurrent Plot,II and Concurrent Plot, IIe were both DOS TSR's (Terminate and Stay Resident Programs for you kids)  that drove a pen plotter as a background process, while running graphics intensive AutoCAD in the foreground, (operating with a mouse or digitizer). Since DOS wasn't designed for multitasking or re-entrancy, this was quite a remarkable achievment. I had to figure out how and when I could interrupt DOS, save the state of the foreground program, re-enter DOS for file IO, keyboard response, switch the graphics mode to text screen display for the programs UI etc. and then restore the foreground state without DOS ever knowing what happened.  The slightest interruption to the foreground task would make the crosshair cursor stick, which was unacceptable. All serial communication was buffered and interrupt driven for max performance. Since the first versions of Concurrent PLOT, II ran on the IBM PC-AT (80286 processor running at 6mhz), efficiency was super critical. The memory footprint was only 27k and that included an 8k buffer. And I built these programs without the help of a debugger! When something went wrong, DOS just crashed!


VideoVelocity was one of the first high speed EGA/VGA display list drivers to enahnce the graphics perfromance  of AutoCad by an order of magnitude.


My primary language for these applications was 8086 assembler and C.



Robert E. Moore, Jr.


Sr. Software Engineer

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  Areas Of Interest / Expertise
  • JavaScript

  • PhoneGap 

  • HTML5 / CSS3

  • Hybrid Mobile App Development

  • Native Android Development

  • Native Android App Development

  • Control Systems

  • Parametric Mechanical CAD








  • C#

  • C++

  • Pascal

  • Basic

  • 8086 Assembler

  • JavaScript

  • Java

  • Objective C

  • Swift

  • C

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